php_stream_is -- Determines if a stream is of a particular type


int php_stream_is ( php_stream * stream, int istype)

php_stream_is() returns 1 if stream is of the type specified by istype, or 0 otherwise.

Táblázat 45-1. Values for istype

PHP_STREAM_IS_STDIOThe stream is implemented using the stdio implementation
PHP_STREAM_IS_SOCKETThe stream is implemented using the network stream implementation
PHP_STREAM_IS_USERSPACEThe stream is implemented using the userspace object implementation
PHP_STREAM_IS_MEMORYThe stream is implemented using the grow-on-demand memory stream implementation

Megjegyzés: The PHP_STREAM_IS_XXX "constants" are actually defined as pointers to the underlying stream operations structure. If your extension (or some other extension) defines additional streams, it should also declare a PHP_STREAM_IS_XXX constant in it's header file that you can use as the basis of this comparison.

Megjegyzés: This function is implemented as a simple (and fast) pointer comparision, and does not change the stream state in any way.

See also php_stream_cast() and php_stream_can_cast().