(PHP 4 >= 4.0.6)

udm_cat_path -- Get the path to the current category.


array udm_cat_path ( int agent, string category)

udm_cat_path() returns array describing path in the categories tree from the tree root to the current category.

agent - agent link identifier.

category - current category - the one to get path to.

Returns array with the following format:

The array consists of pairs. Elements with even index numbers contain category paths, odd elements contain corresponding category names.

For example, the call $array=udm_cat_path($agent, '02031D'); may return the following array:

 $array[0] will contain ''
 $array[1] will contain 'Root'
 $array[2] will contain '02'
 $array[3] will contain 'Sport'
 $array[4] will contain '0203'
 $array[5] will contain 'Auto'
 $array[4] will contain '02031D'
 $array[5] will contain 'Ferrari'


Példa 1. Specifying path to the current category in the following format: '> Root > Sport > Auto > Ferrari'

  $cat_path_arr = udm_cat_path($udm_agent,$cat);
  $cat_path = '';
  for ($i=0; $i<count($cat_path_arr); $i+=2) {
    $path = $cat_path_arr[$i];
    $name = $cat_path_arr[$i+1];
    $cat_path .= " > <a href=\"$PHP_SELF?cat=$path\">$name</a> ";