(PHP 4 >= 4.0.5)

SWFFont -- Loads a font definition


new swffont ( string filename)


Ez a függvény KÍSÉRLETI JELLEGGEL MŰKÖDIK. A függvény működése, neve, bármi amit a függévénnyel kapcsolatban dokumentáltunk megváltozhat egy későbbi PHP kiadásban minden figyelmeztetés nélkül. Ezt a függvényt csak a saját felelősségedre használd!

If filename is the name of an FDB file (i.e., it ends in ".fdb"), load the font definition found in said file. Otherwise, create a browser-defined font reference.

FDB ("font definition block") is a very simple wrapper for the SWF DefineFont2 block which contains a full description of a font. One may create FDB files from SWT Generator template files with the included makefdb utility- look in the util directory off the main ming distribution directory.

Browser-defined fonts don't contain any information about the font other than its name. It is assumed that the font definition will be provided by the movie player. The fonts _serif, _sans, and _typewriter should always be available. For example:
$f = newSWFFont("_sans"); 
will give you the standard sans-serif font, probably the same as what you'd get with <font name="sans-serif"> in HTML.

swffont() returns a reference to the font definition, for use in the SWFText->setFont() and the SWFTextField->setFont() methods.

SWFFont has the following methods : swffont->getwidth().