(PHP 4 >= 4.0.5)

cybermut_creerformulairecm -- Generate HTML form of request for payment


string cybermut_creerformulairecm ( string url_CM, string version, string TPE, string montant, string ref_commande, string texte_libre, string url_retour, string url_retour_ok, string url_retour_err, string langue, string code_societe, string texte_bouton)

cybermut_creerformulairecm() is used to generate the HTML form of request for payment.

Példa 1. First step of payment (equiv cgi1.c)

// Directory where the keys are located
// Version number

  $retour =  cybermut_creerformulairecm(
  "Paiement par carte bancaire");
  echo $retour;                                                               

See also cybermut_testmac() and cybermut_creerreponsecm().